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If you are in the market for a new smart phone, this is the best review I have seen comparing the iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Check it out!

Your Smart

Every car since ‘96, connected.$69.95 - No subscription fees.Save Hundreds onGas Every YearSmall changes in your driving behaviorcan lead to huge savings over time.Automatic Calls forHelp in a CrashCr …

Connecting your car with your phone with “Automatic”

Your Smart Driving Assistant

Every car since ‘96, connected.
$69.95 - No subscription fees.

Save Hundreds on
Gas Every Year

Small changes in your driving behavior
can lead to huge savings over time.

Automatic Calls for
Help in a Crash


Connecting your car with your phone with “Automatic”



Could These Crazy Intersections Make Us Safer?

Everybody knows, that four-way intersections are dangerous. So, what are the alternatives? Head over to The Atlantic Cities Blog to see some interesting proposals for alternative intersections.

“Geometry tells us that the traditional four-way intersection is inherently dangerous. When you plot all of the potential points of conflict on a diagram – and transportation engineers actually do this – it turns out that vehicles have 32 distinct opportunities to collide into one another at the nexus of two two-lane roadways. Cars can crash into each other while merging or diverging from a given lane. Then the worst action happens right in the middle of the interchange, at that perilous point where vehicles turn left across oncoming traffic. […] Engineers concocted some much more intricate intersection designs – and in a few cases actually built them – to improve road safety, save states money and generally stall the inevitable expansion of highways.

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This type of intersection has been in place in Mexico City for a few years.  Here is one particularly complex intersection (google map):

Can we make better intersections?

iPad 2 line up  (Taken with Instagram at Future Shop)

iPad 2 line up (Taken with Instagram at Future Shop)